Maria Nasrallah

Maria Nasrallah is known as @makeupbymaruzza on Instagram. She is a qualified Hair and Makeup Artist who has been doing makeup for 7 years and hairstyling for 2 years. Her portfolio consists of bridal, editorial, special effects, and onset movie work. She is currently doing a course specialising in advanced prosthetics makeup and she says…”I love doing special effects and creating characters”.

Maria decided to further advance her skills in hair and makeup at the Tamarua Beauty Academy as she felt upskilling and updating her skills was necessary. The industry keeps evolving and as a part of her business she felt that it was necessary to keep up-to-date with an industry that is constantly changing. Maria says that the education that she received at the Tamarua Beauty Academy was amazing, and certainly helped her succeed in many forms. One of them being having her work published in three overseas publications using the skills that she learnt at the academy as well as opportunities to do more editorial work.

She feels that the ongoing support by the Tamarua Beauty Academy team family after finishing all three courses has been out of this world, she says “they’re such a down to earth team of industry experts that are more than happy to answer any question I may have.” 


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  • Entirely made in Naples, Italy
  • Natural smooth calf, origin Italy
  • Full Grain Leather
  • Suede, Origin Italy
  • Lining leather and cotton
  • Size: 35x28x11cm/13.8 x11x 4.3 inch
  • Weight: 0.8 kg

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