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Make Up | On-site | Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced PRO


Full Payment: 
Payment is required up front using either Credit Card, PayPal, AfterPay and other options available. Total course cost is $3,200.

Deposit: Pay a non-refundable $500 deposit to secure your place in this course.
Remaining Balance: Must be paid a week prior to the course start date. Can be paid onsite directly.

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This courses is discounted as we have combined both the beginners/intermediate and advanced courses into one, you save $300 on the total cost by doing them together as opposed to individually.

This is an all-in-one intensive 16 week course.

It is a combination of our Beginners/Intermediate course and our Advanced course designed to streamline your path to Professional Makeup Artist in express time. 

This PRO course runs one night (or weekend) per week for 3 hours

Weeks 1 to 8  - Beginners/Intermediate Make Up
Model required from week 2 (Thursday night or weekend) 


  • Health, Safety and Hygiene
  • Mixing products/product knowledge
  • Brush technique and control
  • Application of foundation & Concealer
  • Colour Harmony and Skin Tone
  • Contouring and highlighting
  • Application of makeup:
    • YSM Skin with a pearl glow
    • Soft Classic eye with black shadow line
    • Eyebrows
    • Powder and blush
    • Classic Eye
    • Mature Age Makeup
    • YSM Set with pressed powder or hourglass
    • Matte Vintage Makeup
    • Bronze Socket Eye
    • Glowy skin
    • Yasmin eye
  • Problem skin using YSM
  • Eye Shapes and Corrective Techniques
  • Precise eyeliner and lip shaping techniques
  • Application of Individual and Full set lashes
  • Industry Knowledge and Insight – Conducting yourself as a professional artist and establishing a successful career.

Weeks 9 to 16 - Advanced Make Up (Wednesday night)
Model required every week 


  • Smokey Eyes for fashion and Runway
  • Intense Black & full Glitter makeup
  • Makeup for Black and White Photography
  • Advanced Contouring and highlighting
  • Baking
  • Cut Crease
  • Halo Eye
  • Creams on eye
  • Airbrushing Application
  • Asian Makeup Application
  • Corrective techniques for photography
  • Bridal Makeup (learn the latest tips and tricks from ABIA bridal award winning artists) includes trials, contracts, booking brides, deposits.
  • Instant Face lift application
  • Setting up a small business and Marketing
  • OPTIONAL – Skull Face – SPFX Application
  • False lashes in a variety of styles applied to each look in advanced
  • Industry knowledge – Conducting yourself as a professional artist and establishing a successful career.


Included for use in course:

  • Makeup (various well known professional brands)
  • Disposable wands
  • Fake lashes
  • Wipes
  • Lash adhesive
  • Mascara
  • Brush cleaner
  • Airbrush Machine 

Social Media Portfolio Shoot (Optional in Week 16 – Final Assessment class)
Our head trainer will work with you to capture professional quality styled images of your work. Images are not photographer grade high resolution, but the resolution is still great and high enough that the images can be used to promote your business on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, your website, promotional/marketing print materials etc. Perfect for getting started. First image selected from this shoot is $25, subsequent images are $15 each.  

Professional Photographer Photo Shoot  
These photo shoots will be conducted at the academy throughout the year with a professional fashion photographer who produces high quality images. Past and present students will be informed via our academy private forum when these photo shoots will be scheduled. The photo shoot intent is that you create a ‘look’ that represents the style of makeup and/or hair style that you want to showcase in your portfolio of work using your own products. Duration: up to 3 hours  Cost: $150.

Certification is gained on the successful completion of all elements in this Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced Make-Up Pro course. All students will receive 10% off selected products throughout course. The Academy prefers to use a range of different products to achieve the optimum finish including Kryolon, Nars, Inglot, and Napoleon.

This all-in-one intensive 16 week course is a combination of our Beginners/Intermediate course and our Advanced course designed to streamline your path to Professional Makeup Artist in no time. We are passionate and confident that you will complete this course having gained all the knowledge, understanding and skills to start your career at an advanced level.

All trainers have completed their Training and Assessment Certificate. They are highly qualified with years of experience teaching at colleges/tafes, editorial spreads and have worked for prestigious makeup companies and won major industry awards. All trainers STILL work within the makeup industry and are well sought after.

All classes will have an intimate classroom experience of no more than 8 students per class, to ensure the greatest experience possible. You will be provided with all makeup required to create each look. Competitively priced Makeup kits will be available to purchase which will contain an excellent selection of products. Student must supply own brushes for use in class. Students will have a option to purchase the TBA set (includes all the basic must haves) for $290 or provide their own set. This will ensure students can practice and learn how to maintain their brushes by cleaning, sanitizing, reshaping and drying properly. With proper care you can use the same tools your entire career.

Students must be 16 years of age or over at the starting date of the course. You will be taught all the practical aspects of makeup application and selection from beginners fundamentals to advanced make up professional.

36 Aylesbury Drive, Altona, 3018, Victoria (Building 8)

Min 3 students required for class to proceed.