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Coming Soon - DIY Lash Extensions starter KIT

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DIY lashes

If you adore lashes but find salon sessions and bi-weekly expenses impractical, we have the perfect solution for you!

Introducing - DIY Eyelash Extensions for All. Achieve stunning lash extensions in just 10 minutes and enjoy their lasting beauty for up to 7+ days. The DIY lash extension boxes include instructions for easy application.

- Long-lasting Quality: Experience lashes that stay flawless for 7- 10 days.
- Superior Waterproof Protection: After curing, enjoy the confidence of waterproof lashes while safeguarding the health of your natural lashes.
- Sustainable Reusability: Our lash clusters are designed for multiple uses, offering exceptional value. For optimal hygiene, we recommend using a new set regularly.
- Crafted with Premium Materials: Handmade from luxurious Korean vegan silk, our lashes feature an ultra-thin 0.03mm band for seamless and natural-looking wear.
- Gentle Bond Formula: Our lash adhesive is specially formulated for sensitive eyes, proudly hypoallergenic, and free from formaldehyde, cyanoacrylate, and latex.
- Ethical Commitment: Our products are vegan, our packaging is recyclable, our shipping is carbon-neutral, and our lashes are reusable - promoting kindness to both you and the environment.

The DIY lash starter kits that I offer contain everything you need to get started. Each kit includes glue, sealer, remover, and tweezers.

Clients can then choose the type of lash set they prefer, whether it's classic, hybrid, or light volume or volume

Individual boxes
DIY Lash Tray Classic (10,10,12,12) C curl
DIY Lash Tray Hybrid (10,10,12,12)CCcurl
DIY Lash Tray Light Volume (10,12,12,14) D Curl
DIY Lash Tray Volume (10,12,12,14) D curl