About our Courses

Within Australia where there are no licensing requirements, our Certificate of Completion is all you need to get started in the industry. You are also able to obtain insurance and a likely successful outcome should you ever make a claim.

The Hair and Beauty industry in Australia was deregulated in 1986, therefore it is no longer a legal requirement to complete an accredited course run by a registered training organisation (RTO) to work in the industry or run your own salon.

Many RTO’s now offer short courses similar to ours alongside their accredited courses due to the fact that the accredited courses are very strict with the curriculum and the depth of makeup and hair styling tuition is minimal and not as in-depth as it should be.

Our courses offer specific and explicit training in each study area that leaves our students more accomplished than accredited courses and our students are often offered positions over students from other schools.

We offer certified courses where you will be trained to the highest, correct and current industry relevant standards by our qualified trainers in a salon simulated environment. Our purpose built academy will impress you and you will enjoy learning with us.